Help us

As we’ve said before we are both students. We need a bit of your help to make the project happen. This project will be our final university project. And will lead to our architect diploma.

We are trying to travel the cheapest way as possible but we still need some funding. The french minister of culture from which depend our university does not have money to help such a project. However a project like that (that’s not the only one of course) could allow future architects to be prepared to understand architecture as it should be. An architecture that is related to people and not only an object or a piece of art.

Many project are today fulfilled thanks to participate funding. If you want to give a boost to two students that will try to work on the link between architecture, population and environment, that’s the moment.

A small step for you will be a big step for our project.

The following link will allow you to help us, for example:

to fix a flat tyre,

to pay the visas,

to buy the equipment we will need,

to offer dinner to a family that has hosted us,

and we hope not to have to bribe a corrupted policeman or a docker that would like to have a good night in a pub.